Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

Last updated: Aug 5th, 2017

The user account(s) that you register, herein referred to as "Your account" or simply "account", is owned by Classicraft. Classicraft reserves all rights to delete or modify accounts, or deny anyone access to the website, as seen fit.

Your account must follow these rules, or it will risk being deleted or banned.

  1. User account names must be non-offensive
  2. User accounts must not be used to spam or perform malicious actions
  3. User accounts names must not purposefully be exactly the same as Mojang employees' account names


The forums are available to all members of Classicraft. The ability to post may be revoked if you break the following rules

  1. Posts must be non-offensive
  2. Post contents must have obvious meaning and must not be spam
  3. Thread titles should be descriptive and not annoying (excessive punctuation or capital letters, for example, would not be okay)
  4. It is heavily suggested that you be courteous and kind to everybody on the forums.


While we encourage other people to contribute to the client, Classicraft is not responsible for any lawsuits or legal threats from Mojang that stem from hosting your own version of the client or resources.

A popular activity for people to do is make a hack client that ignores restrictions out of existing clients. We do not approve of those clients, but we will definitely not stop them. If we didn't want people modifying our client, we wouldn't have released the source code.

Finally, although this should be common sense, Classicraft is not responsible for communication on servers or the actions of its users. We do not encourage any illicit behavior, and in extreme cases this behavior may result in offending accounts being suspended indefinitely.

Server names and forum posts are not within our direct jurisdiction, although offending forum posts will be removed, and if a server's name contains personal info, it will be hidden from the public forcefully.

With all of that in mind, have fun playing Classicraft!